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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Shoes, Resoling, and Compton's Shoe Repairing
Not a very humorous article this time around, but quite practical, especially to So.Cal locals. If you aren't local to So.Cal, then ... ermmm.. well have you read my Increasing Your "HOT"ness article? I've been told it's quite entertaining!

Anyhow, quite a few people at our last workshop asked about shoes and dancing. For casual dancing, we find it best to wear comfortable tennis shoes. After all, tennis shoes were made for being active! The question then is how do you get them to be slippery?

It's fairly well known to most dancers that the answer is to get them resoled in what's called "Chrome Leather" (or suede). For those dancers that it's not fairly well known to, .. er.. well, get your comfortable tennis shoes resoled in what's called "Chrome Leather" (or suede).

Prices range from up to $30 (and possibly more) and down to ... well, doing it yourself which many dancers do.

I go to one particular shop in Burbank called "Compton's Shoe Repairing" run by this man named Arthur Paylan. Here's his shop info:

Compton's Shoe Repairing
265 E Orange Grove Ave
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 848 6021

As I've moved around a lot in Southern California, I have gone to other shoe stores but keep coming back to Arthur at Compton's. ( Even while I lived in West LA/Santa Monica I would take long lunches to drive to Burbank and have Arthur do my shoes ). He charges a little on the high side ($25) but does a fantastic job!

He can usually do it within a few days, and as a loyal customer he has even done rush jobs for me. I personally have never had the leather come off (though Sheri has on one pair, and when we took it back to Arthur he fixed it back up for free). This is what I like about him:

  • He takes really good care in shaving the leather and affixing it to the sole to make it smooth and decrease the chances of the sole getting caught on the floor and coming off.

  • For tennis shoes with all the ridges in the soles, he shaves the original sole out flat (as best as possible) so that the new leather sole has more surface area to attach to, helping it stick better.

  • He has even painted the sides of the leather sole to match the color of the original shoe!

The most complicated job I have ever sent him were two pairs of used golf shoes. If you know what soles of golf shoes are like, you know what I mean by saying this would be a complicated job. The material is a hard plastic and the surface is like a winter boot including parts that jut out for the spikes. Arthur was able to shave the sole to a flat surface (which to me was a feat in itself), put the new leather sole on, colored the side black to match the shoes, and VOILA! Two new pairs of very nice looking dancing shoes! (One of the pairs I wore in our ALHC 2003 routine).

So for you locals, I highly recommend him.

For you non-locals, ... umm.. errmm... oh hey did you check out already that Increasing Your "HOT"ness article yet?


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