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Swing Dancing in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and all around Southern California!! Join us for lessons, dances, workshops, and more!

We are very proud to offer quality private lessons at a very reasonable price. Perfect for wedding couples looking for wedding dance lessons as well as the advanced Lindy Hopper! Check out the info below!
P Ben and Sheri Lindy Hop rivate Lesson Prices

We are pleased to offer private lessons at very affordable prices.

$80 = One Hour Of Instruction
$260 = Four Hours Of Instruction .. that's a 20% discount!). Divide up the four hours how you wish! Four 1-hour lessons? Two 2-hour lessons? One big gigantic 4-hour marathon? You decide.

Click Here To Contact Us for lesson availability

NOTE: lesson rates are good for up to four people. So it can be just yourself, you and your partner, you + three of your friends, etc.

NOTE: lessons are scheduled for both of us to be there. Due to last minute emergencies with work or bad traffic on rare occasions one of us may be late or not be able to make it.


Don't overpay for your wedding first dance private lessons!

You do not have to pay the "wedding" cost of private lessons to get very good quality lessons for your first dance. In fact most regular ballroom and dance privates range from $50 to $110 when the word "wedding" or "first dance" is not attached to the actual lesson versus the $200 or more I have seen advertised.

We have worked with many wedding couples in the past and have many happy and satisfied newlyweds that have taken lessons from us. Sheri and I especially price our lessons affordably. We do this for fun and for that reason we enjoy giving years of experience at a low cost! Save yourself a lot of headache and at least call us first! 323.459.2303

Contact Us For More Info and to Schedule First Dance Private Lessons

Download some mp3 songs to practice your first dance too!

By request of many of our wedding first dance private lessons, we have our wedding sampler online (15 full length high quality mp3 songs), downloadable for $5:

Click Here To Check Out and Download Our Wedding Sampler

W hat You Will Get:
  1. We teach all things swing dance related including:
    • East Coast Swing (commonly called Jitterbug)
    • Lindy Hop
    • Balboa
    • Charleston
    • Collegiate Shag
    • 20's and 30's solo jazz movements

  2. Wedding couples: we can teach modified fox trot and swing quickly to make your first dance memorable.

  3. Wedding couples extra: Ben can even edit your first dance song so it is shorter than its original length. You won't have to stay out there as long!

  4. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, we always schedule BOTH of us to be at your lesson. So you are getting TWO teachers for the price of one!

  5. Private lesson rates are good for up to 4 people .. split up the costs amongst four!
We will come to your home or rent a studio. Note: extra charges may apply depending on commute and applicable studio rental costs.

F inancial Assistance: We are aware some people would like to take dance lessons and may choose not to for financial reasons. In building our dance community, we believe no one should be denied dance education due to the inability to pay. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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** We contact our Extras List and invite them to be in our weekly classes at a discount price when we have a huge imbalance of leads or follows. Check a box above if you'd like to be on that list.
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Download mp3 songs for your wedding first dance

Download mp3 songs for your wedding
Wedding Sampler Download
swing dance group lessons in los angeles and pasadena

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