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Swing Dancing in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and all around Southern California!! Join us for lessons, dances, workshops, and more!


H ere you will find links to some great Swing and non-Swing resources! Thanks for visiting our site! Communities and Resources

O2SJ member and teacher Roy Samson runs a DJ entertainment company for weddings and private events!

Great site to find dance partners!

Margie Kate's LindyHopping.Com
Her monthly mailing list includes news on events, lessons, workshops, and more, and not just for Southern California either!

Nocturne's Swing Site
Great Swing Calendar, Great Site, and not just about Swing!

  LindyHop dot Com
Great resource site with discussion boards and lots of other goodies (check out their pin up section!

Swing O Rama
If you're going to be in San Diego, you NEED to check this site out to find out what's going on (or just check it out anyway ..it's worth it!).

SwingCat Society
Swing dance community in Statesboro, GA and Charlotte, NC

DanceTV dot Com
Videos and online lessons for ballroom here! This is where we downloaded videos on how to waltz. Here's the Direct Link To Downloadable Videos

LA Swing and Lindy Hop
Great Resource of Links and Articles!!

Have To Dance!
Great Resource of Links not just locally but nationwide!!

Great swing resource headed by James Glader who has taken photographs of many Lindy competitions!

Friendly and Humorous Discussion Board based out in Raleigh, NC - Great bunch of folks out there!

LA Swing Info
Southern California based swing and lindy newsletter!

National Discussion Board for swing dancers. (Don't get lost!)

So Cal Swing
Southern California based swing discussion board

Los Angeles based swing discussion board

Swing Monterey
Going to be in Monterey? Check this site out!

Sacramento Savoy Swing Club
Going to be in Sacramento? Check this site out!

Suburban Swing
Going to be in Vancouver or Abbotsville? (OR Canada in general?) Check this site out!

Red Hot Swing: Victoria, BC
Swing Dance Teachers in Victoria, BC - plus this site design is awesome .. check it out and read the bios.

Swing Lap Hu
Hungarian Swing Dance website with a lot of resources

Buenos Aires Swing
Nice flash intro :) If you're in Buenos Aires and looking for swing, contact these guys

Dance Classes NY
Dance classes NY - Level Dance School offers an array of dance classes, including Ballroom classes in the competitive dance-sport styles international standard and international latin. Based in New York

Events, Venues, and Studios!

One of our favorite dance venues! Thursday nights in Pasadena

PBDA: Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association
Been teaching Lindy (and more) for over 20 years and they bring out Frankie at least a few times a year.

Home of the American Lindy Hop Championships, a well-respected national Lindy Hop competition!!

Camp Jitterbug
Energetic swing event chock full of great instructors and fun events. Run by Sean and Tonya.

Third Street Swingers
Longest running outdoor swing venue. Sundays at the 3rd Street Promenade Marketplace in Santa Monica.

Atomic Ballroom
Irvine-based studio that offers a lot of classes including both swing and non-swing. Check out their Friday night dances too!

A favorite dance club in Whittier. Check out their live web cam!

Home of Beantown, a favorite week-long and weekend camp for many dancers. A great place to learn and socialize!

Camp Hollywood & National Jitterbug Championships
Awesome, long-running lindy hop/swing event here in Southern California!

Goodnight Sweetheart
UK Swing dance camp in Hertfordshire, UK (near London) organized by Joseph and Trisha!

Friends and Teachers

Hasse and Marie
Wonderful swing teachers and dance champions from Sweden.

Aina and Jorgen
Boogie Woogie champions in Sweden.

Steve and Heidi
Great friends and great Balboa teachers in San Francisco, CA

Francisco and Stacey: The Dance Family
Pasadena-based studio which has Ballroom, Salsa, Swing, and lots of other great classes! Run by two of the nicest dancers in the community! And a great studio to rent for your own workshops or practice time!

Terry and Cindy: Minnesota
Pillars in the Minnesota Swing Community

Stan and Lisa: Minnesota
Very cool (and cute) couple out in Minnesota

Joseph and Trisha: Jive Swing
Joseph and Trisha's site out in Hertfordshire (UK)

Harry and Svetlana
Fun Lindy site out in the UK - lots of funny cartoons too!

Tony and Carol Fraser
Friends, neighbors, and they also teach weekly in Sherman Oaks.

Sean and Tonya: Jitterbug Club
Sean and Tonya's website. Great resources and make sure to order one of those swank Girlie T's!! They even look good on Ben!

Shesha and Nikki
Orange County's premier teachers.

Other Stuff!

Ben And Sheri Dot Com
A favorite site of ours!

How To Design Your Own Website
Learn to design your own website

Pablo Stories!
A collection of stories interwoven together giving a taste of the Country Western dance era. Fun to read!

Retro graphics for logos, web design, promotion, and more!

Hollywood Hornets
Southern California's premier swing dance troupe!

Things To Do In Los Angeles
Looking for things to do in Los Angeles? Check this directory out.

American Physical Therapy Association
Professional organization site for Physical Therapy (now you know how Sheri got to be so strong!)

Lots of great posters and stuff, and usually at a really good price!

Think Geek
Got to be one of Ben's favorite sites... hands down.

Overlib Javascript Library
This is the very cool library Ben used to create the mouseovers on our Calendar page.

Dynamic Drive
A favorite site of Ben's! Good DHTML and Javascript site

Javascript . Internet . Com
Another Great Javascript site!

The Dance Store
Run by swing dancers for swing dancers, a lot of our dance clothes and shoes are from here.

The Video Beat
Great place to locate out-of-print movies from the 1940's through 1960's!

60 Second Trip
Nothing like getting a nice high in about a minute. Check this out!

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