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W orkshops:

Saturday, December 17 2016 (11am to 4pm)

Lindy-Charleston Intensive Workshop
"Faster and Awesomer"

(subject to change)

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Our Mission:

  • Mission #1: This workshop is to get you to the next level whether from beginner-intermediate to intermediate, intermediate to intermediate-advanced, etc.

  • Mission #2: Provide a wealth of "a-ha" takeaways for you for your dancing!

  • Mission #3: A rollicking entertaining good time while being active and learning in an immersed workshop setting!

  • Mission #4: As a more immediate goal: help you dance to faster music! (hmmm..maybe even that same night to one of the best swing bands in the world? hint hint more on that later down below!)

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The Material

(subject to change)

We take the Lindy Basic and examine it and tear it down and build it up again with as many fundamental concepts as we can hit in our hour. We expect a wide range of levels of dancer at the "intermediate" level and we will cover all bases!

We then spice it up with seamless transitions with Charleston and some very neat 20s and 30s Charleston to add to your fast dancing library.

We then turn you loose on some of our most favorite styilngs with in-depth technique: swivels, layouts, switches, and Shorty Georges.

We finish with our most popular and most signature class: "Permutations Of Lindy"!

  • Class #1: Permutations of Lindy aka Our Favorite Moves Formula (11:00am to 12:00noon)
    We start with one of our signature classes, a favorite amongst our students as well as ours, and something we use to this very day: It's our "Permutations Of Lindy" class. And when we teach a weekend workshop, one of our favorite comments we get is that this class and its concepts are worth the price of the workshop alone!

  • Class #2: Faster Lindy Technique (12:00noon to 1:00pm)
    Lots and lots of technique for faster and tighter dancing! Focus on Lindy Hop basics and swingouts and linear technique as well as reactive dancing

    (1 hour lunch)

  • Class #3: Charleston Smoothie (2:00pm to 3:00pm)
    Charleston is a great way to dance to faster music, and it's a lot of fun! We'll teach you a blend of 20s and 30s Charleston and show you how to seamlessly work this in and out of your Lindy Hop. This blend of Charleston (aka our "Charleston Smoothie") is currently our most favorite way to work in Charleston into fast dancing music!

  • Class #4: Charleston Mega-Mix (3:00pm to 4:00pm)
    We'll teach you the top one to three favorite Charleston sequences we dance today, and we are bringing back out of hibernation one of our favorite (and most physically fun and intense) classes .. our Solo 20's Charleston primer! It will be a mega-mix of flashy and fun stylings and moves

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(subject to change)

    We will have "IN-ROTATION TEACHERS" (aka "IRTS"!!) in our class. Bona-Fide instructors will not just be there at the workshop, they will be IN ROTATION to dance with you, try stuff out with you, and give you some personal attention

    While this year's IRTs still to be announced, the best way we can let you know what awesomeness to expect is to take this moment to say another thank you to last year's stupdendously awesome IRTs:

    Last year's awesome IRTs

  • Third Saturday Swing 2016 SWING HOLIDAY BASH ... FREE ENTRY!
    That very same night, at the very same venue ..it's the Third Saturday Swing Holiday Bash! Come out to Third Saturday Swing, the popular monthly dance run by Ben and Sheri. You can apply what you learned, try out the "dancing to faster music", or just come and have fun at our biggest party of the year!

    The normal cost is $20 at the door, you are getting in FREE with your paid workshop fees!

    TSS Holiday Bash Official Website

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  • This is for beginner-intermediates and intermediates and up. In other words, very experienced "beginners" and up to intermediates and up. This is not a beginners workshop. This will be "more intermediate than beginner".
  • LINDY ACADEMY STUDENTS: The curriculum was specifically designed for you. If you are a current Lindy 2 student or have been in Lindy 2, you are golden. If you are one of the more experienced Lindy 1 folks, you are golden too!!
  • Pre-Requisite #1: be able to dance the Lindy Basic plus some variations "comfortably" with all footwork at 130bpm. "Comfortably" means you can carry a conversation while doing this (with all proper footwork)
  • Pre-Requisite #2: Charleston side by side basic and a variation or two "comfortably" with all footwork at 160bpm. "Comfortably" means you can carry a converastio while doing this (with all proper footwork) Still not sure if you qualify? Contact us!

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Workshop Schedule:

PLEASE NOTE: We will start promptly at 11:00am.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a one hour break for lunch.

PLEASE NOTE: While there is ample parking near city hall, it will be 2 hour parking up until 5pm


Beg/Int to Int/Adv Lindy Hoppers please. If you want to know if you qualify, do not hesitate to contact us. If you can do the Lindy basic plus some turns and variations at a 130bpm level or so without thinking about the footwork, and can do Charlseton, you qualify. Even if you do not know fancier moves than that, we are working on a lot of fundamental technique using the Lindy Basic as our reference.

If you have taken our Lindy 1 series a few times and can do the basic + variations without thinking about the footwork, and can do Charleston, you qualify!

10:45am - 11:00am Registration/Warm-up
Registration/Check-in at the door, Open Dancing, Warm Up

11:00am - 12:00noon Permutations of Lindy
By far our most popular class and most signature class. The concept alone has delivered us studnet compliments that this class laone is worth the entire workshop price. To this day, stillused by instructor Ben Yau on the social dance floor, one of our most valuable concepts to teach with actionable moves you can use that night!

12:00noon - 1:00pm Faster Dancing Technique
We will work on your swingout techniques: linear, pulsing, mechanics. Tighter, faster, awesomer! And physics! Don't forget the high school physics!!

1:00pm - 2:00pm Lunch

2:00pm - 3:00pm Charleston Smoothie
A blend of 20's and 30's Charleston...smooth, fast, fun!

3:00pm - 4:00pm Charleston Megar-Mix
We bring you our top favorite combos ... and we also bring back out of hibernation one of our favorite, fun, and most physically intense bits .. our Solo 20's Charleston primer!

Workshop Info:
Where: American Legion Post# 13
131 N. Marengo Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101
How Much:
(per person)
Pre-Pay After First 15:
$55 fee
Pre-Pay Available Only Until Thursday December 15th!
At The Door:
$65 fee

How To Register: CLICK HERE TO PRE-PAY!!! (limited time only!)


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